Recover your Records & Films of Baton Rouge, LA

Properties across Baton Rouge are susceptible to floods, fires and other disasters. Under these circumstances, papers and documents can be ignored when looking for restoration services. Many items are replaceable, but records like baby photos or tax forms are a real loss. That’s why you should call Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge. With decades working in in document refinement processes, Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge will help restore these business documents damaged by a disaster.

Services from Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge

Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge is a pioneer in photo recovery for local homes, offices and storefronts. From our specialty facility equipped with advanced tools, we can salvage your photos and documents after a flood, fire or mold. Some of our more common restoration projects include:

  • Books, Catalogs, Manuscripts
  • Archives, Special Collections
  • Video and Audio Tapes
  • Data Files, Vital Records
  • Parchment
  • Print and Digital Photographs

Our Treatments for Photos & Documents

There are various solutions for your photos and documents based on where the damage came from. Depending on the amount of damage, we have several ways to fix your documents and pictures such as molecular sieves. These methods typically restore your items almost completely. If your photos or documents take on fire or smoke damage, Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge has advanced sanitation methods such as particulate removal sponges, ionized air washing and other deodorization techniques.

In addition, we will correct layout and matting problems for hanging photos. Pictures with frame damage can get correction services from Paul Davis Restoration. We also include re-jacketing, de-acidification, document copying and imaging.

Contact Paul for Document and Photo Restoration

Your documents and photos are important to your family or business. When a fire or flood strikes, it can be hard to decide what should stay and what should go. With Paul Davis’ help, you can rest easy that your photos and documents will be cleaned, sorted and revived. Get more information photo and document restoration and our other services through phone or email.