Two Most Common Home Damages Caused by Winter Weather

{{In|Living in} Baton Rouge, there are some {kinds|types} of {property|home} damage that are {unavoidable|unavoidable during the winter}|Some {home damage is|types of home damage are} unavoidable during {winter in Baton Rouge|Baton Rouge winters}|{Some home damage|There are some types of home damage that} can be difficult to avoid during {Baton Rouge winters|winter in Baton Rouge}}. {{But do not fret, today|Today} we will {talk about|share with you} the two most common cold weather problems and {how you can|tips you can use to} prevent them|To help reduce the {chances|possibility} of something like this {occuring|happening}, we {want|would like} to {discuss|talk about} the two most common problems and how you can {avoid|prevent} them}.
{{First|Number one} on our list is frozen pipes. They are a {common|very common} problem but {we have|there are} {several|lots of} solutions for {prevention|preventing them}|We’ll {start|begin} {with|by discussing} frozen pipes. These are a common {issue|cause of property damage|problem}, but we have {several|many} ideas for {prevention|preventing them}|{Frozen|First, frozen} pipes are {one|by far one} of the most common problems {that homeowners come across|that Baton Rouge homeowners encounter|to {occur|happen}} {during|in the} winter. {But they|They} are also one of the problems we have a {many|bundle of} ideas {to share on prevention|on how to prevent}}. {{Use|Try} {the suggestions|these} next time the {temperature is expected|outside temperature is planned} to drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit|If the forecast is projected to {drop|creep} below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, try some of the ideas below}.

  • {Don’t turn off your furnace|Keep the heat on}. {A warm home equals {a warming plumbing system|warm pipes}|Keeping the house warm will keep your pipes warm}. {{Saving|Remember that saving} a few dollars from lower heat will not {offset the amount you would need to pay following broken pipes|be worth it when a pipe bursts}|While it {might|may} seem attractive to save money {by turning down your thermostat|on your heat}, the price of repairs following a burst pipe {is not worth the savings|will be much more expensive than your utility bills could ever be}}.
  • {{In extreme cold temperatures, let your faucets drip|Let the faucets drip in extreme cold weather}. This can keep the pipe from freezing.{ Note that you should let both sides of the faucet drip.|}|{Keep {your|the} water moving and prevent freezing|Keep your water moving|Prevent freezing} by letting your faucets drip during extreme {cold temperatures|cold}.|If the temperatures drop drastically, let your faucets drip to keep them from freezing.}
  • {If you {have|think you} have a frozen pipe, {your first step|the first step you should do} is turn off the main {water valve|shut off to the water} and call a plumber|If one of your pipes {freezes|does freeze}, turn off the main valve and call a {plumber|plumber immediately}|Call a plumber immediately if your pipes freeze}.

{{The second addition on our list|Our second hazard} is ice dams, when water builds up behind {sheets|large areas} of ice on your roof|{Ice|Second, ice} dams are another {large|big} risk {from|due to} frigid cold weather. The key {is|here is} to take precautions before {it’s|it is even} cold outside}.

  • {Make sure your attic is insulated|Insulate your attic}. {{Ample|Good} insulation {keeps|will keep} warm air out of the attic {and prevents|preventing} snow from {melting|melting on the roof}|This will prevent snow from melting on your roof by keeping warm air out of the attic}.
  • {Improve|Create} ventilation. {{Keep your attic cool|Cool down your attic|You can keep your attic cool} {with|through} an eave, soffit, ridge, gable, or other form of ventilation|The key is to {cool your attic|keep your attic cool}. {Ventilation|Having vents} such as an eave, soffit, ridge or gable will allow cold air in}.
  • {If an ice dam does {appear on your roof|occur to your home}, {call Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge as soon as you can|a professional should be called. Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge is here for you}|What if {you find an ice dam on your roof|an ice dam does occur}? Call {Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge|the professionals at Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge} as soon as you can|Call {Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge|the professionals from Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge} ASAP if {you find an ice dam|an ice dam does appear} on your roof}.
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