Spring Thaws: A Hidden Danger in Baton Rouge

{As we {plunge|dive|jump|get} deeper into {the spring season|spring} {in Baton Rouge|and temperatures continue to rise in Baton Rouge}, it’s {common|normal|natural} to {begin|start} feeling more {excited|happy} and optimistic about {the world around us|life in general}|It’s {common|natural} to start feeling a little {happier|more optimistic and happy} once spring finally {arrives|hits}|Once spring finally {arrives|hits}, it’s {normal|natural} to start feeling a little more happy about {life in Baton Rouge|the world around us}|We all start feeling a little {better|brighter|happier} once spring finally {arrives in|comes to} Baton Rouge}. {The flowers are blooming|The skies are blue|The air is clear}, {the birds are chirping|the sun is shining|the leaves are green}, and you don’t have to {scrape your windshield|bundle up|put on multiple layers} to {leave your house|go to work|go to the grocery store}. What’s not to {love|like}?

{While {there’s|there is} a lot {of excitement to be found|to be excited about}, that doesn’t mean that you {should start skipping up the hillside just yet|are totally out of the woods}|But {spring|springtime} still {has|brings along} a {few inherent|few} risks|But there are still a few risks that {come along|are related to} this time of year|But this doesn’t mean that spring is risk-free}. Spring thaws {are a major cause of flooding around the {country|United States}|can lead to {flooding|unexpected flooding} that can cause major damage in {Baton Rouge homes|homes and businesses}}. {The team at Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge wants|At Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge, we want} to help you {minimize the effect that these incidents can have on you|prepare for and recover from these types of incidents}. But {first|before we get into that}, let’s {talk about|discuss} {spring thaws in general|the definition of spring thaws|what spring thaws are}.

What Are Spring Thaws?

{When {spring starts and winter begins|winter finally yields to spring}, {the frozen|frozen} ground {can’t|cannot immediately} absorb {the water from the melting snow|the melting snow that has accumulated over the past few months}|After {temperatures in the winter|winter temperatures} freeze the {ground|ground beneath the snow}, the soil {can’t|isn’t able to|cannot} absorb the melting water {in|during} spring}. {This means that the water from the {snow|snowmelt or new rain} will run off into {rivers, streams, and lakes|lakes, streams, and rivers}|{Since|Because} the water {cannot follow its normal course|has nowhere else to go}, it runs off into {rivers, streams, and lakes|lakes, streams, and rivers}|The water {then runs|will then run} off into nearby {rivers, streams, and lakes|lakes, streams, and rivers}}. {Rising {water levels|levels} in these bodies of {water causes|water and the addition of spring storms cause} flooding|{Additional|More|Excess} {water|water in these areas} results in an increased {flooding probability|probability for flooding}}.

Preparing For Spring Thaws & Floods

{It’s {very|quite} unlikely that you can {do anything|add improvements} to your {home|home or business} that will {keep it from|make it impenetrable to} flooding, but there are a {couple of|few} things that you can do to {prepare|prepare yourself} for an event like this|You can’t {completely prevent|prevent} flooding, but there are things you can do to {be ready|prepare for it}|There are a {couple of|few simple} things that you can do to prepare for {a flood|flooding} in Baton Rouge}. {{Build|Create} an emergency evacuation plan so {you know|your family knows|you and your loved ones know} {just|exactly} what to do if {there is a flood|your home floods}|{Begin|Start} with a {specific|detailed} emergency evacuation plan}. {This includes {buying an emergency kit|having an emergency kit on hand|purchasing an emergency kit} and knowing where {your valuables|valuables} and important documents are {stored|kept}. |}{You can also {purchase|buy} {an additional|a separate} flood insurance {policy|plan} that {covers|will cover} costs related to {an incident like this|this type of incident}|If you {reside|live} in an area {with a higher flood risk|where flooding is common}, {you will|you’ll} also need flood insurance to {offset your expenses|pay for any damage}}. For more information, visit ready.gov/floods.

Recovering From Flood Damage

{If {{flooding|a flood} from a spring thaw|spring thaw flooding} hits your {home or business|home}, {grab|gather} your emergency {kit|supplies} and get to higher ground as {quickly|soon} as {possible|you can}. {After|Once} the flood is over and you are {dealing|confronted} with {repairs|damage repair}, call Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge|Have you {faced|dealt with|experienced} the devastating effects of a spring thaw? Contact Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge {immediately|now} to get the help you need|If {you’ve|you have} experienced the {crippling|life-altering|devastating} effects of a spring {thaw flood|thaw}, {call|contact} Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge {to receive|for} the help you need}. {{We’re|We are} experienced with {offering|providing} flood damage {cleanup|restoration|restoration and cleanup|cleanup and restoration} services to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible|Our {goal|mission|objective} is {offering|to offer} prompt and professional flood {cleanup and restoration|restoration and cleanup} service in Baton Rouge|{You will|You’ll} {receive|find} {prompt|professional|prompt and professional} flood restoration service for our friends and neighbors in {Baton Rouge|the Baton Rouge area}}.