It’s {time for all of us {in Baton Rouge|in the Baton Rouge area} to start making our|that time of year, when {all|many} of us in {Baton Rouge|the Baton Rouge area} will make our} New Year’s resolutions. {{No matter how long your list is|Whether your list is short or long}, the {key|key to success} is setting realistic goals with {a clear path|specific ways} to {reach|achieve} them|You’ve probably {learned through experience|learned} that the {best way to achieve|key to achieving} these goals is {to make|making} them realistic}. {{A|The} classic example is {weight loss|losing weight} – {simply putting this on your list isn’t enough.|it’s not enough to simply put it on your list!} {The likelihood of success will increase if you set smaller goals along the way. F|A much more effective way is to spell out smaller steps; f}or example, losing {10|5|15} pounds in January by eating less and {running|exercising|walking} 30 minutes {each|a} day. |}{{Want to boost your savings account|Are you vowing to boost your financial savings}? {Make an outline for|Outline just} how you’ll {accomplish|do} that, such as {setting|putting} aside a specific {percentage|amount} of money from {every|each} paycheck. {Many|Most} {experts in personal finances|personal finance experts} recommend having {these funds|{this|the} money} {sent|transferred} {automatically to a separate account|directly to a separate {account|account automatically}} so that you won’t be tempted to {do anything else with it|skip a {month|month here and there}}.|}
{It’s {also important to minimize your resolutions|important to minimize your resolutions too}|{Reducing|Minimizing} the {amount of|number of} resolutions {also helps|helps, too}}. {Setting too many goals {can|will} make it difficult to {give them all the time they deserve|accomplish all of them}|Too many big goals will {most likely|almost inevitably} lead to failure}. {Pick {a small number of|one or two} resolutions and focus on how {to keep them|you’ll stick to them}|Instead, focus on {how you can keep one or two resolutions|one or two resolutions}}. {Don’t {get frustrated|be discouraged} if you {make a mistake|happen to slip up} with {any of your resolutions|a resolution on your list}.|Most of all, remember that everyone {makes mistakes|slips up} {from time to time|now and then}, so don’t let that {cause you to give up|mean the end of your efforts}.}
{One resolution we make {make|and strive for|strive to keep} each year is to {serve|do our best to serve} our community {whenever|when and where} we’re {needed|needed, whether it’s property damage from flooding, fire, storms, or other disaster}|Our {team|business} has made the resolution to serve {our neighbors|the local community} whenever we are {called upon|asked} to help with fire, flood, or other disasters}. {We promise to be here for you. |}{Happy New Year from all of us at |From all of us at , Happy New Year}!