{At Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge, {we are|we’re} looking forward to {the|enjoying the} holiday season, the changes in the weather, and the prospect of {what will happen|what’s to come} in {2015|the New Year}|The {holidays are|holiday season is} here, which means Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge is looking forward to {the|any} exciting changes that will take place in {2015|the New Year}}. {{To|In order to} help you {improve your Baton Rouge home’s energy efficiency in the coming year|enjoy the coming {year|weeks} comfortably (and with an eye to energy efficiency)}, {we have|we’ve} {organized|come up with|put together} some ideas that Baton Rouge homeowners can {implement|use} {today|immediately|right now}|To improve {your Baton Rouge home’s energy efficiency|the energy efficiency of your Baton Rouge home} during the coming weeks, follow the steps below|Follow the steps below to improve {the energy efficiency in your Baton Rouge home|your Baton Rouge home’s energy efficiency} in the coming {year|weeks}}:

  • {Check furnace filters {each month|monthly} and {replace|clean|replace or clean} them {when|as} needed, depending on {your filter|the type of filter you have}|Check your furnace filters and {clean|clean or replace|replace} them {when|as} needed|{Every|Each} month, check your furnace filters and {clean|clean or replace|replace or clean|replace} them {as|when} needed}. {{Pleated|High-quality pleated} paper filters do {a great|an excellent} job filtering {small particulates and allergens|allergens and small particulates}|By using {pleated|high-quality pleated} paper filters, you can filter out most {small particulates and allergens|allergens and small particulates}}. {{A|Remember, a} clean filter means {your|the} furnace does not have to work as hard!|With a clean filter, your furnace {doesn’t|won’t} have to work as hard.}
  • {If {they are not|not} {properly sealed|sealed properly}, doors and windows can leak {heat|a lot of heat}|{Windows and doors|Doors and windows} can leak {heat|a lot of heat} if they’re not {properly sealed|sealed properly}}. {{Caulking|Caulking around the exterior} {keeps|helps keep} cold air and moisture out|Keep {moisture and cold air|cold air and moisture} out by caulking around the exterior}. {{Use|Try using} a latex/acrylic caulk {that can|that’s flexible, waterproof, and can} be painted to match your trim|Use a waterproof, flexible, and paintable caulk}. {You {might|may} also want to try weather stripping around {your|the} doors|Weather stripping is also a {smart|good} idea, especially for doors}.
  • {If {your fireplace has|you have a fireplace with} an open firebox, {think about|consider} adding glass fireplace doors to prevent heat from {escaping|escaping up the chimney}|Consider {purchasing|adding} glass fireplace doors if you have an open firebox, which will prevent heat from {escaping|escaping up the chimney}}. {{Special|Alternatively, special} fireplace blankets {can be purchased|are available} that {cover|fit over the} opening when {not in use|the fireplace is not in use}|You can also {buy|purchase} special fireplace blankets to cover {openings|openings when not in use}}.
  • {Do you have high ceilings|High ceilings in your home|Does your home have high ceilings}? {Use|Ceiling fans aren’t just for summer – use} a ceiling fan on {a|the reverse} “winter” setting to distribute heat around the room, {which will save energy|which will make the space more comfortable|saving energy and making the space more comfortable}.
  • {A programmable {thermostat|thermostat or one of the new “smart” thermostats} will help you regulate {the|the indoor} temperature, turning up the heat when you’re about to come home and turning it down {overnight|while no one is home|overnight or while no one is home}|{Buy|Purchase} a programmable thermostat that turns temperatures down when {the house is empty|not in use} and automatically adjusts when you are home}.

{We hope {you will|you’ll} {try out|incorporate} {a few|some} of these {tips|tips in your home} this {year|winter}|Please incorporate some of these {tips|tips in your home} this winter}.{Energy savings, lower utility bills, and a more comfortable {Baton Rouge home|home in Baton Rouge}. {What do you have to lose|What’s not to like}?|The result will be {energy savings, lower energy bills,|lower energy bills} and a more comfortable {Baton Rouge home|home in Baton Rouge}.|Following them will help your {home in Baton Rouge|Baton Rouge home} become more comfortable.}{ From all of us at Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge, enjoy!|}