{Happy First Day of Spring|Spring has Sprung – Tips|Happiness is in the Air – Spring Tips|Enjoy This First Day of Spring} from Paul Davis

{{As predicted|As conveyed} by the Old Farmer’s Almanac once again, this|The Old Farmer’s Almanac was right once again. This} winter was the {{coldest|chilliest} and most brutal|most brutal} most of us {have seen or will see|will ever see} in our {lives|lifetime}, which is what makes {this day|today} so {exciting|fantastic|wonderful}. {Today|Friday, March 20th|March 20th} is officially the end of winter for the {United States|Northern Hemisphere|North America}! {On top of that|Plus}, it’s International Day of Happiness, {promoted|sponsored} by the {U.N.|United Nations}, which means you have even more reason to {be happy|smile|have a great day}.
{Aside from|Besides} {welcoming warmer weather with open arms|enjoying the warmer temperatures}, we can {gaze upon|admire} the {beautiful|lovely|colorful} flowers and greener {trees|nature}, {enjoy|savor|taste} {springtime|seasonal} fruits and {veggies|vegetables}, {take part in outdoor activities|enjoy the outdoors|grill outside}, {lay out|soak} in the {sunshine|sun} and {Vit-D|Vitamin D} (make sure to wear sunscreen), and {be|live} happier from the {beautiful surroundings|beauty and warmth surrounding us}.
{The following includes|Here are} {a few|10} things you can do {on the first day of spring|today} to make {everyone|those|others} around you have a {brighter|more meaningful|better} day:
1. {Make eye contact and smile at each person you meet|Smile at each person with whom you make eye contact}
2. {Help someone in need|Assist others in need|Lend a helping hand to those in need}
3. {Say “thank you” and be appreciative of others|Convey appreciation for others}
4. Call {someone out of the blue|your loved ones|your parents, significant other and/or children} just to say “I love you”
5. {Perform|Complete} acts of kindness, no matter how {insignificant they may seem|small or big}
6. {Volunteer your time or donate money|Donate your money or time} to a {good|great} cause
7. Answer the phone with a {cheerful|happy} tone
8. {Compliment|Give compliments to} as many people {as you can|as possible}
9. Allow {others|someone} in a {rush|hurry} to cut in front of you {in traffic|in line}
10. Be {nice|kind} all day long despite negativity that may {approach you|come your way}
{We hope|Hopefully} these few {tips|suggestions} will brighten up your day {as well as|and} everyone around you, while enjoying the start of {spring|the spring season}. Although {many|most} of us will be {soaking in|enjoying} the warm {air|temperatures}, it also means that some are experiencing the aftermath of the {coldest|brutal|chilliest} winter {that may include|including} property damage. {Please don’t hesitate to|Please|Remember to} Call Paul if you have any {damage to your property|property damage} caused by fire, water, mold or {wind|storms}. {Paul Davis is|We’re} there to help!

– From your {neighbors|friends} at Paul Davis