{Winter storms can {hurt|affect} the Baton Rouge area in {many|unexpected} ways – and {lead to|cause} {extensive|serious} damage to your {house|home}|No one {thinks that|believes that|expects} winter storms will damage their {home in Baton Rouge|Baton Rouge home}, but it {can happen to anyone|does happen}}. {Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge has some {advice|tips} for you to help {safeguard|protect} your property from storm damage – we want {you and your home to be safe|you to be safe and sound} this winter!|To {ensure that|make sure} you are prepared, Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge has a {some advice|few tips} for you to stay safe {during the|this} winter.}

  • Check {for|for any|outside your home for} loose {siding, shingles|shingles, siding}, and fence boards and {repair all issues|make any necessary repairs} as soon as {you can|possible}. {Items like this|These items} can easily blow off {during|in} {storms|high winds|major storms}.
  • {Remove {damaged|weak or damaged} parts of trees in your yard|{Inspect|Look at} the trees {in your yard|around your home} and have {weak or damaged|damaged or weak} parts removed}, especially those {near|close to} {the roof|structures|buildings}. {{Hiring|Using} a tree care professional is the best way to safely deal with large limbs and branches|To make sure large {limbs and branches|projects} are handled safely, {use|work with|hire} a tree care professional}.
  • {Clear debris from gutters and downspouts|Make sure gutters and downspouts are free of debris} so {your|the} drainage system can {perform its function|do its job}. Downspouts should {send|direct} water at least 5’ away from your {foundation|home’s foundation}. {Adding a downspout extension is a simple fix for an area|An emergency fix can be as simple as adding downspout extensions to those areas where the water is not carried far enough away}. {{Neglecting|Not correcting} these problems can {cause|lead to} {flooding, mold|mold, flooding}, and termites|Water draining under your home can {lead to|cause} {mold, flooding|flooding, mold}, and can attract termites!}
  • {Keep flashlights, camping lanterns, and/or headlamps in an easily accessible area|Be sure you have flashlights, camping lanterns, and/or headlamps easily accessible} {if a power outage occurs|in case of a power outage}. {Make sure they all have fresh batteries|That means fresh batteries for everything|Check all the batteries}, too.
  • {Maintain|Purchase|Have} {an emergency supply of food and water|a supply of water and ready-to-eat food on hand as well}. {Having this {during a major|in advance of a} coming storm will help you avoid sold-out grocery {stores|aisles and long lines} when disaster is imminent|This will help sustain your family in the middle of a {major|crippling|heavy} storm}.

{{The team at Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge. encourages|All of us at Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge encourage} you, your family, and your home to be storm-ready at all times. {Follow these steps to protect your {home|family}|Protect your family and home with these easy steps} and sleep easier this winter.|{Keep your home and family safe|Protect your family and home} with these easy steps and sleep easier this winter. If you have {additional|any} questions about {other things that you can do|further measures you can take}, contact Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge today.}