{Chimney Cleaning {Basics|Essentials|101}|Cleaning {a|Your} Chimney? Read {These Suggestions|This First}!|What {You Should Know|to Do} Before Cleaning {a|Your} Chimney|Start Here for Safe Chimney Cleaning|Chimney Cleaning Recommendations|{Chimney|Safe Chimney} Cleaning {Tips|Suggestions}}

{{Chimney cleaning|Cleaning your chimney} {isn’t always easy|is no easy task}, but it’s important to remove {all buildup|buildup} {to remove {a potential|this} fire hazard|in order to prevent {fires|house fires}}|Cleaning your chimney {often|regularly} will help prevent {fires within your home|house fires}|{Is there|Do you have} a chimney in your {house|home}{ that is used {often|regularly}|}? {It’s|If so, it’s} important to {clean it|have it cleaned} {often|regularly} {{to|to remove buildup and} prevent {fires|house fires}|to remove hazardous buildup}}. {When {cleaning|you clean} your chimney, you {need to|must} do a {thorough|very thorough} job to ensure {your home {remains|is|stays} safe|the safety of your home}|But like any other {important task|task around the home}, it’s important {that you|for you to} do {the job|it} {as safely as possible|the right way}}. {{Included below|Here} are two {convenient|simple} tips to help {with cleaning your chimney|make cleaning your chimney {{much|a little} |}easier}|The {steps|two steps} below are a great {place to start|start}|{Start|Get started} with the {tips|two tips} below}:

1. {Use|Have} the {proper|right} {equipment|tools}

{{Materials|Tools} that you will need {for chimney cleaning|to clean your chimney} include|You will need} a {chimney brush, chimney rod|chimney rod, chimney brush}, {tarps, buckets|buckets, tarps}, and a flashlight. {Having {a roll of|sufficient} duct tape {around|near|on hand} {never hurts|will be {helpful|useful}}, too.|It {is also helpful|also never hurts} to have {some extra|a roll of} duct tape {around|on hand}.|And don’t forget {to grab some|the|some} duct tape!}

2. {Follow|Use} the correct {process|technique}

{{Using|As with most things, using} {the appropriate|proper} {process makes chimney cleaning|technique makes the process} much easier|Avoid problems by following the appropriate {chimney cleaning technique|technique for chimney cleaning}|{Following|Using} the {right|appropriate|correct} {chimney cleaning technique|technique while cleaning your chimney} can help you avoid common {issues|problems}}. {When {cleaning|brushing} {a|your} chimney, {go to|consult} {the website below|this website} for the {right|proper} techniques and steps {to follow|required} to clean your chimney|{Go to the website below for|Use the website below as} a guide {on|on what to do and what not to do when} {cleaning|brushing} your chimney|The {following website|website below} {includes|contains} a {detailed|step-by-step} process for {cleaning your chimney|proper chimney cleaning}}: