Better Home Security Starts with Seven Simple Steps

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes. In fact, most of us do feel that way. However, when you watch the news or hear a frightening story from a neighbor, it’s sometimes difficult to not worry. We understand. That’s why we’re dedicating an entire blog to better home security.

We feel that when you’re better prepared, you make better decisions. It’s better decisions that lead to better home security.

  • Hold a meeting with your entire household. When you make the security of your home a habit, it’s easy for everyone to understand overall expectations. Go through the basic rules of home safety including locking your windows and doors at night, closing any garage doors, not opening the door for strangers, and even learning your alarm system code. Make sure all of the rules of home safety are clearly listed somewhere so that everyone, especially children, can see them if they need a gentle reminder.
  • Be wary of social media. We’re living in an age where we give everyone access to our lives. Whether you’re checking in at a concert or you’re posting a photo pre­flight, a lot of people don’t realize they’re opening themselves up to problems. Resist the urge to share every detail of your life on social media and warn your children of the dangers their posts pose as well. If you just can’t resist sharing your adventures, be sure you have a friend or neighbor stop by your house while you’re away to make sure everything is still in order.
  • Remove your “hidden” key. Just about everyone has a spare key lying around, and burglars know it. Whether that key is hidden under a rock, above your light, or under the flower pot, it’s best to remove it from its “safe” spot and hand it over to a trusted friend or neighbor instead.
  • Add a foreboding sign. Be honest with yourself. If you saw a sign that said “Beware of Dog” or a sticker that warned of an alarm system, you’d probably think twice about approaching that home. It doesn’t matter if you actually have these things. By posting the signs that state them, you’re giving burglars a reason to think twice about breaking
  • Light up everything. Perhaps when you were growing up your mother told you to turn off the lights in your room or to not leave the kitchen light on after you finished putting away dishes. We’ll kindly disagree. Make sure that your home, especially the outside, is well lit. If you don’t already have motion sensing lights, buy and install them near points of entry like doors and windows. Quickly replace any light bulbs that are burned out, such as porch lights or garage lighting.
  • Eliminate hiding spots. It’s simple for someone to duck down into tall hedges or hide behind a bush while they wait for you to leave your home. Don’t give them that opportunity. Keep entry points of your home, especially doors and windows, free of plantings.
  • Lock up those ladders. Many of us leave our ladder lying around. That’s because they can be heavy and somewhat difficult to put away. This is especially true in the spring and summer when we use ladders to help us repair roofs, paint, and clean out gutters. However, a ladder can easily be used to enter your home through a second story entrance. The next time you feel too tired to put your ladder away for the night, think twice about leaving it unsecured. There are many more ways that you can keep your home secure. Make sure to frequently check your doors and windows to see if they require replacement. Also, don’t forget to change old or weak locks. If you have more tips on how you keep your home secure year-round, let us know!