Protection Against Indoor Flooding

Flooding of a home or business property is a calamity that no one wants to experience. Even in the U.S. where flood prediction and mitigation is quite advanced, flood damage occurs all too often, amounting to over $6 billion worth of damage and contributing to the deaths of about 140 people every year. That’s why it’s important to consider the flooding probability for your property, since even one inch of water indoors can cause significant damage. Higher elevation is the only sure way to protect property from this natural disaster. However, there are some smart precautions you can take to help minimize damage from flooding, as well as protect against damage due to indoor piping and appliance leaks.

  1. Raise Electrical Systems and Appliances: Whether you have a basement or your home or building is on ground level, this step applies to you. Make sure that electrical items such as circuit breakers, wiring, and switches are raised at least a foot above ground to prevent them from being waterlogged in the event of a flood. Do the same for big-ticket appliances like your hot water heater and furnace. The higher above flood level everything is, the less likely it will be damaged in the event flooding occurs.
  2. Learn How Water Flows Around Your Property: Ideally, your home or business is built in such a way that water is directed away from it through the use of grading and slopes. But this is not always the case. The next time you have a storm, watch how the water flows. You can also use a hose to recreate a storm water flow. Does it run toward the street and into a drainage system? Or does it build up around your foundation or in a low spot in your property? If the water doesn’t drain naturally, it may be time to call in the experts and seek advice about measures to redirect water flow.
  3. Anchor Outdoor Equipment: As you raise your electrical systems and appliances indoors, so too should you pay special attention to your appliances that sit outdoors. Whether this is an air conditioning unit or something else—take time to anchor your outdoor equipment. This will not only help to prevent expensive equipment from being swept away in flash floods, but it will also help to protect your property.

Disaster can strike at any time, and Paul Davis understands that the aftermath can be devastating for you, your family or your business. That’s why we’re a preferred resource to help restore homes and businesses back to normal. Anytime water damage takes place, This Is No Time For Second Best™.