{As the Time Changes, Paul Wants You to Inspect Your Home for Safety Hazards|Daylight Saving Time is Upon Us – Inspect Your Home with Tips from Paul|Time To Change Clocks and Inspect Homes with Paul’s Safety Tips}

{It’s time to spring forward|Daylight Savings is here once again|Spring forward}, set your clocks and enjoy more {daylight|sunshine}! Daylight Saving Time {occurs|begins|starts} Sunday, {March 8, 2015|March 8th} at 2am, but {remember|keep in mind} that setting the clock forward isn’t the only thing you need to {update|complete|take care of}. Daylight Saving Time is {the perfect|{an|the} ideal|a great} time of year to do a {house|home|property} inspection and safety check.

{The following includes|Here are} {a few|six} safety tips to {keep your house and family safe|provide safe living for you and yours}:

1.       {Check|Replace} {Lighting|Light Bulbs} and {Light Fixtures|Fixtures}

·         {Save money and energy|Save energy and put more cash in your pocket} by {updating|replacing} {traditional|conventional} lighting with energy-efficient LCD or fluorescent bulbs

2.       {Replace|Update|Check For} Missing Supplies in {First-Aid|First Aid} Kits

·         {Bandages and ointments|Things like ointments and bandages} should be replaced {when running low|if needed} and expiration dates {checked|looked at} on all {medication|medicine}

3.       {Create|Establish|Form} and Review a Family Emergency Plan {that Includes|Including} a {Plan for Fires|Fire Escape Plan}

·         {Ensure|Make sure} there is a family emergency plan {in place|in a location that’s easy to locate} and {go through|practice} this with your loved ones

·         {Update|Add} emergency {info|information}, including {phone numbers and addresses|contact numbers|addresses and phone numbers}

·         {Click here for info|Here is more info} about an Emergency Preparedness Kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVhFuqQyhHs&list=UU0iTnta8XL7BAfob4vOo9-A

4.       Test {All Detectors Including Smoke and Carbon Monoxide|Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors}

·         {Replace|Change} batteries {if|when|as} needed

·         {Make sure|Ensure} loose batteries are placed in the recycle bin as {9-Volt|9V} batteries can start fires

5.       {Change|Replace} Your {House|Home} Air Filter

·         Maintaining your home air {filtration|quality} is {significant|important} to your health and safety, {and|plus} air conditioning filters are {not very costly|inexpensive}

·         A good rule of thumb is to {replace|change|swap out} a filter every 3-6 months, or {as|when|if} the filter {looks|appears} dirty

6.       Clean Out Your Dryer Vent {Weekly|Regularly|with Every Use}

·         Every time you dry {clothing|clothes}, {remember to wipe|form a habit of cleaning} out the dryer vent {right|immediately} after to prevent clogs and {potential|possible} fire hazards

We hope {these details help|this information helps} you {prep|prepare|inspect} your home for the beautiful spring season that lies ahead. And remember that if you {encounter|have any|experience} property damage caused by fire, water, mold or storms, {please|don’t hesitate to} Call Paul!

-From your {neighbors|friends} at Paul Davis