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Storm damage

Storm Damage Clean Up for Baton Rouge, LA

The Southeast and LA are notorious for harsh weather. Spring and fall often bring the harshest weather like tornadoes, tropical storms and thunderstorms. Sadly, even the most prepared residents or businesses can take on damage from severe weather. The contractors of Paul Davis work hard to help you remove damage from storms on your property whenever harsh conditions hit.

Affordable Storm Damage Repair Services

Paul Davis Emergency Services contractors work nearby with storm damage remediation after severe weather around Baton Rouge. Our team is available anytime for emergency help and storm damage repair quotes. Whether the damage is big or small, you can reach out to our certified repair specialists to repair your home or business. We contribute to the claims process and provide damage repair estimates. Paul Davis provides storm damage repair for these kinds of events:

Tornado and Funnel Cloud Damage

Tornadoes near Baton Rouge, LA and across the South can be mild to violent. These strong storms can level trees and electricity hookups and cause supplementary damage. Frequent damage caused by tornadoes includes torn siding, broken windows, missing shingles and in some cases, whole roofs. Trees and vehicles aren’t even safe from strong tornadoes. If you would like a quote for storm damage, contact the professionals from Paul Davis of Baton Rouge.

Rain Damage

Water is necessary to live, but in severe rain, it can be destructive. When floods strike, flooding can ruin structures, drywall, fabrics and create mold if abandoned. A serious thunderstorm with heavy rainfall can leave dirty debris or sewage around your property as well. To learn more about flooding, see our water damage page.

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes combine the worst components of strong winds and flooding into one dangerous storm. Although tropical storms vary in force, storms can be strong enough to destroy homes, uproot trees and move vehicles. If you would like a quote for hurricane damage restoration after a hurricane strikes, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services today.

Frozen Rain Damage

Frozen rain and hail can be a normal part of winter around Baton Rouge. Major hail storms can bend and crack surfaces on your home, which lead to long-term leaks and compounding damage. Reach out to Paul Davis of Baton Rouge for assistance with hail damage.

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