How to Safeguard Your Home from a Hurricane – Avoid Storm Damage

Damage generated by hurricanes can be destructive for your home. The extreme weather conditions can impair any residence, such as break windows, tear apart roofs and knock over trees and shrubs. Your residence is also susceptible to water damage and flooding from the constant rain. However, there are preventative measures you can take to defend your home from strong storms. Follow the guidelines below to assure you, your family and your home is protected from a hurricane and to prevent the need for storm damage restoration.

Necessary Methods in Hurricane Preparation

  • Garage Door – Start with your garage if your residence has one, because this is one of the most susceptible areas for storm damage. Strong winds can permeate the typical residential garage door because they’re not installed with the extra support. What can happen is the wind will create a positive push in your garage, and the wind outside of it creates a negative pull. When this takes place, your roof and garage will endure a lot of pressure because of this tug-of-war situation. To prevent an excessive storm damage repair, you can purchase braces that will help your garage door hold off hurricane conditions. This is the most reliable approach, but if time isn’t on your side, then you can use your vehicle to help support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – Water damage is one of the more common impairments associated with hurricanes, and when your windows and doors aren’t secure this will allow the wind and rain to get into your house. When a storm is approaching, make sure your shutters are sturdy and in a working condition. The latches need to be secure and you’ll also want to put additional locks on them. If you don’t have shutters for your windows, then you can board them up with some OSB. A common fallacy with window prep is that you can tape up the window; however, this doesn’t defend it at all. Also, ensure your doors are in good condition and that the deadbolts are functioning right. You can also use braces on your doors for added measure.
  • Roof – Your roof acts as a number one defense against the elements, and that’s why it’s crucial to make sure it’s ready for a hurricane. Search for any loose shingles and mend them with roofing concrete. You’ll also want irrigation for the strong rains, so unclog your gutters so the water doesn’t concentrate on your roof. You can then find any wires that are entering into your home and seal off any vulnerable gaps to stop water damage from happening. Finally, figure out whether it’s crucial to fasten your roof with hurricane straps.
  • Your Property – Strolling through your yard is another necessary step you should take. Your trees and shrubs need treatment and might necessitate some pruning. Any dangling or dead limbs can be dangerous in high winds and could cause a lot of damage to your house. This includes items in your yard such as patio furniture as well. Relocate any items that aren’t secured to the ground or weighed down to a safe area before the wind can take them.
  • Car – Your vehicle can easily be forgotten when you’re prepping your house for a storm. But it’s just as critical to get your car ready too, so make sure you have: your gas tank filled, good windshield wipers, tires with good tread and your windows sealed. Also, be conscious of where you park your vehicle, especially if you park on the street. Check that your vehicle isn’t under any trees or in a location that’s prone to flooding.

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