What To Do After Storm Damage

No one wants to think about severe weather interrupting their life. The thing about Mother Nature is that she has the ability to cause sweeping damage in the blink of an eye. If not properly prepared for, these damages can seem overwhelming. The good news is that many people before you have been through bad weather and made it out on the other side. That means there is quite a bit of information about what to do should the storm damage happen to your family. Take a deep breath and let the Paul Davis experts help you navigate this new territory–because in difficult situations, there’s no time for second best.

After a storm passes, your first instinct may be to check over your home. This isn’t a bad idea and you aren’t the first person to have it. That being said, plenty of injuries and hospitalizations related to storms happen just after the storm has passed. Consider keeping a watchful eye out for all of the following hazards should you decide to inspect possible damage to your home:

  • Broken glass and exposed nails
  • Downed power lines (stay at least ten feet away)
  • Gas leaks (open flames and sparks may increase risk of explosion)
  • Standing water (it could be deeper than it appears)

If you suspect a gas leak has occurred following a storm, be sure to turn your gas off. Open the windows to your home and ensure that your entire family goes outside immediately. Always notify your local gas company of your suspicions and do not go back inside your home until it has been deemed safe by the proper authorities.

Once you inspect your home for damage, you might feel the need to hire a contractor to help your family with the repairs. Hiring help can make the work go a lot faster, but be sure that you do your homework on contractors. Unfortunately, there are a number of businesses that prey on uninformed homeowners once storm damage has occurred. From disappearing after being paid a deposit to doing poor work, these shady characters are just out to make a fast dollar. Do some research before hiring contractors to come work on your home. Check with the BBB and review sites such as Google or Yelp for a full picture.

Ready to get to work? Once storm damage occurs, it can be natural to want to start repairs right away. Before moving forward with your contractor, however, take some time to understand what your policy covers. You’ll want to speak with your insurance agent about your coverage and find out about any supplemental policies you may have. Be sure to ask questions such as whether or not storm damage to your vehicle is covered, if your premiums will rise, and how you file a claim.

Damage to your home from a storm doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead, it’s important to keep a level head and approach the situation intelligently. Don’t forget that the professionals at Paul Davis are ready to assist you day or night.