Use These Tips to Stay Afloat During a Flood

{Floods {have spread across|are striking} the nation one {place|city} at a time…or {shall|should} we say {MULTIPLE|MANY} cities at a time|If you {browse|look over|read|scour} national news {sites|feeds}, {you will|you’ll} probably {find|see} multiple {cities|places|areas} that have {experienced|been hit by} {flooding|floods} recently}. {Could the Baton Rouge area be next? |Could it happen in Baton Rouge? |}{Flash floods are the most common {weather|severe weather} disaster in the {nation|United States|country}|In {this country|the United States}, flash floods are the most common severe weather disaster}.{ {Floods {are able to|can} {carry|start carrying} objects away in as little as two feet of water, even a car!|In {only|as little as} two feet of water, floods {can|are able to} carry objects as large as a car.}|}
{{To celebrate|In honor of} FEMA’s National Preparedness Month (NPM), {we would like to share|here are} five {flood|flood disaster} preparedness tips {for you and your family|to help you and your home survive a flood}|To help you and your family {endure|survive} a {flood disaster|flood}, {we’d like to share|here are} five flood preparedness tips {to celebrate|in honor of} {FEMA’s National|National} Preparedness Month (NPM)}.

  • #1. Create a Plan – {Make sure that you have a|The {most important thing that you should|first thing you should always} do is create a|It’s {of the utmost importance|extremely important} to {create|develop|have} a} family emergency plan. {Once the plan is {created|in place}, {review|rehearse and review} it|{Review|Rehearse and review} the plan|Take {time|some time} to {review|rehearse and review} it} with your family. To {help our clients with this step|make this process easier}, Paul Davis has a {Get a Plan form|form} you can {print using|download at} the link at the {end|bottom} of this post.
  • #2. {Build|Develop} an Emergency Kit – {Here are a few of the items you should include|Some items this should include are|Make sure you have the following items}: {a first aid kit, water (a gallon of water per person for at least 3 days)|a gallon of water per person, a first aid kit}, {singal whistle, battery-powered radio|battery-powered radio, signal whistle}, {moist towelettes, dust masks|dust masks, moist towelettes}, garbage bags, {pliers|wrench}, and local maps.
  • #3. {Clean Your Gutters|Keep Gutters Clean} – {Clear {all debris|any debris|debris} from {your gutters|gutters and downspouts}; to help water flow, it is vital that the drains are not clogged|Your gutters {become very important|play an important role} during heavy rains. Make sure {gutters and downspouts|they} are {clear|free} of debris and drains are unclogged}.
  • #4. Look at Flood Maps – {Know {the flood risk in your|your} area and {get|secure|obtain} proper insurance. {It’s|It is} {vital|critical|essential|important} to know if you {reside|are} in a {flood zone|severe flood area}|It’s important to know if {you live in|your house is in|you are in} a flood area so you can {get|obtain} proper insurance}. {{Just click|Please click|Click} the link at the {end of this post|bottom of the page} to {see|view} flood maps in Baton Rouge|To {look at|view|see} flood maps in Baton Rouge, click {the link|on the link} at the {end of the post|bottom of the page}}.
  • #5. Understand Flood {Vocabulary|Terms} – {Do you know {what the difference is between|the difference between} a flood watch and a flood warning?|{{It’s|It is} important to know|Know} the difference between a flood watch and a flood warning.} {When a flood watch is issued, it means that|A flood watch means that} there is a {possibility that|chance} a flood will {occur|happen} in your area. A flood warning {means|is saying} that a flood is {imminent|headed your way} and that you need to {take action|be prepared}.

{Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge is there to help you if a flood does happen in Baton Rouge|If a flood does {happen in Baton Rouge|occur}, Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge is here {to help|for you}}. {Our services are designed to|We strive to|We can} {clean|help you clean} up {all|your} flood damage and restore your home to {its previous condition|the way it way before}. {If you {are in need of|need} emergency board-ups, {call us at|call} 1-888-473-7669; {we’re|we are} here {for you when disaster strikes|when disaster strikes 24/7}|{We’re|We are} here {for you whenever disaster strikes|when disaster strikes 24/7}|If you {are in need of|need} emergency board-ups, call 1-888-473-7669}.


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