{Threat|Damage|Impact} of Wildfires with Safety {Tips|Suggestions|Advice} from Paul Davis


As of {July 30, 2015|July 30 of this year|yesterday}, at least 14 wildfires were {spread|scattered} throughout {California|the state of California}. {In 2015|This year} alone, {wildfire|fire} conditions have been the worst {in history|on record} along the West Coast, but {these fires|wildfires} have the {possibility|potential} to affect most areas of {the U.S. and Canada|North America}. Within just {over 10|13} states, $237 billion in property is at risk of {wildfire damage|damage by wildfire}.

Wildfires can {be prolonged|last} for weeks while smoke and ash can linger for much longer {after the wildfire hits|afterwards}. Smoke, ash and soot {have|contain} corrosive chemicals that can {lead to|cause} significant {property damage to the exterior|damage to the structure and building material}, as well as the {inside|contents} of a {house or business office|property}.

Paul Davis {suggests|offers} the following tips for protecting people and property from the {dangers|impacts} of wildfires:

  • {Buy|Use|Choose} building materials, {furniture|furnishings} and plants that {are fire resistant|resist fire}.
  • {Cut back|Prune} trees and shrubs away from the home.
  • {Regularly|Consistently} clear roofs and gutters of tree branches, leaves and other {plants|plant material}.
  • {Water the lawn using|Keep lawn watered within} local guidelines and clear the landscape of {fallen|dead} leaves and other debris.
  • {Create|Have} an evacuation plan in case your area is {in danger of|threatened by} a wildfire.

If a wildfire {sparks|threatens} or is in the area:

  • {Remain|Stay} indoors, put the {A/C|air conditioner} on recirculate, keep {outside|exterior} doors and windows closed.
  • {Make sure|Ensure} clean air and HEPA filters are installed in {A/C|air conditioning} and/or air purification units.
  • {Keep an eye on|Monitor} {your|your family‚Äôs} health and {get|seek} medical attention if you {have|experience} symptoms such as persistent coughing, throat {soreness|irritation} or {a hard time|difficulty} breathing.