The Dangerous Results of a Drought

{If {you’ve|you have} {gone|stepped|set foot|walked} outside {recently|in the past few weeks} {(and we {sure|really} hope that you have), you’ve|, you’ve} noticed that temperatures are soaring to {sweltering|scorching|blistering|sizzling} levels|As we {move|get} {later|deeper} into {the summer season|the summer months|summer}, {outdoor temperatures|the temperatures outside} continue to {escalate|rise}|It’s {summer|finally summer}, which means that temperatures are rising to {sweltering|scorching|blistering|sizzling} levels}. {This is {perfect|ideal|great|lovely|nice} for {people who like to tan|sunscreen salesmen|sunbathers and solar panel salesmen|sunscreen manufacturers}, but {it’s|it is} {bad|a bad omen|bad news} for {Baton Rouge water levels|water levels in Baton Rouge}|This injects a little extra happiness into {Baton Rouge culture|local culture in Baton Rouge}, but it’s not all {good|good news}|While most of us {love this kind of weather in Baton Rouge|in Baton Rouge love this weather}, it has its drawbacks}. {Drought season is {here|upon us}, which means {it’s|it is} time to conserve water and prepare for {fires|an increased possibility of fire damage}|Hot temperatures lead to droughts {and|that lead to} fires}.

{During {the summer|this time of year}, {it’s|it is} {normal|typical} to see {lots of|multiple} wildfires in various places around the {USA|country}|The news is {normally|typically} {rife with|full of} {wildfire stories|stories of wildfires around the country} during {the summer|this time of year}|It’s {normal|typical|quite common} to {have|see} {dozens|a number} of wildfires around the country during {this time of year|the summer}}. {These fires {consume|can consume} {many acres|acres and acres} of land, along with {houses|homes} and other {buildings|properties}|{Fires|Wildfires|Fires caused by drought} don’t just {burn|destroy|feed on} trees. They {can demolish|destroy} homes and other {properties|buildings|structures} too}. {You {might|may} believe that {fire damage will|something like this could} never happen in your neighborhood–until it does|Most of us {believe|think} that this {won’t|will never} happen to our {own home|home}. But it can|These {kinds|types} of fires can {occur|happen} anywhere and are often unexpected}.


{Last year|2013} was {an abnormally|a historically} low year for wildfires, but that {means nothing|brings little solace} to the {loved ones|families} of 19 firefighters that {died|lost their lives|perished} while {trying to put out|fighting} the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona. This fire {begun|started|was ignited} when lightning {hit|struck} dry ground {near Yarnell, Arizona|80 miles northwest of Phoenix}. {Due to|Because of} drought and high temperatures, the fire {had an unpredictable course|spread unpredictably}. These {fearless|brave} {firefighters|men} were overrun and killed by {this dangerous|the dangerous flames of this} wildfire.


{As a homeowner, it’s {essential|necessary|important} to {monitor|keep track of} current droughts and wildfires in {Baton Rougeyour area}|Homeowners should always {monitor|be aware of} {droughts|drought levels} and {wildfires|new wildfires} in {Baton Rougethe area}|{It’s|It is} important for homeowners to {monitor|be aware} of {Baton Rougenearby|local} wildfires and drought levels}. {Use {these two|these} {reference websites|websites as a reference} to avoid the {costly|deadly|devastating} effects of a fire|To {do|accomplish} this, {try|use} these {reference websites|websites}|Try these {sites|websites} as helpful references}:

Drought Monitor –
USDA Forest Service Fire Mapping –

{If your {house|home} {is hit by|experiences} fire damage {from|as a result of} summer droughts or widfires, call {the|your local} professionals at <!—loc–> {now|immediately}|{Call|Contact} Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge {now|immediately} if your home {has been damaged by a fire|experiences fire damage}|Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge is the {place|right place} to call if your home {has been damaged by a fire|experiences fire damage}}. {We can {help|assist} with {all cleanup and repairs related to your project|cleaning up all damage and restoring your property}. This {involves|includes} services {linked|related} to the water damage caused from {putting out|extinguishing} the blaze|We {clean|will clean} up all {damage|existing damage}, including water damage, and restore your property to the way it looked {previously|before}}. {You can expect {timely|quick} response and professional care when you choose to work with our {fire damage technicians|team}|For {all projects|every project}, we {respond quickly|provide quick response} and {reach the highest standards|exceed your highest expectations} for performance|Our {fire damage technicians|technicians} respond quickly to {every call|all calls} and aim to reach the highest {performance standards|standards}}.