Summer’s Here!

“The solstice comes in June and why? The sun is highest in the sky.”

{This old {phrase|saying}|That little ditty} {relates|tells} {an abridged|the short} version of an {old|ages-old} astronomical observation – the summer solstice. {On {June 21|Saturday, June 21}, the sun will {reach|be at} its {highest|furthest} point north of the equator here in the Northern Hemisphere|{This year, the summer|This year’s summer} solstice {will occur|takes place} on June 21, when the sun will {reach|be at} its {highest|furthest} point north of the equator {in|here in} the Northern Hemisphere|This {happens|occurs} when the sun will be at its {highest|furthest} point north of the equator {in|here in} the Northern Hemisphere, which {occurs|takes place} on June {21|21 this year}}. {As a result, {we’ll {see|experience} the {longest|year’s longest} period of daylight {compared|relative} to darkness on that day|on that day {we will|we’ll} experience the longest period of daylight relative to darkness for the {whole|entire} year}|This {means|results in|leads to} the longest period of daylight relative to darkness {throughout|during} the year|The result {is|of this is} the longest period of daylight compared to darkness throughout the year}. {{This day|The day of the summer solstice} {officially marks the first|also marks the first official} day of summer on the calendar{, which is strange since|; kind of odd considering that} the days start getting shorter {after that|right after the solstice}!|Even though the {total amount of daylight starts to decrease|days start getting shorter} after the solstice, this day {begins|marks} the start of {summer|the summer season}.|Summer officially {starts|begins} {this|on this} day, even though {total daylight starts to decrease the next day|the days start getting shorter}.}

{{Naturally|Of course}, {the|just the} opposite will {occur|happen} in Baton Rouge; {when the winter solstice comes around|on the day of the winter solstice}|When the winter solstice {occurs|hits} in Baton Rouge;, the opposite will {happen|transpire|occur}|We have to {go through|experience} the opposite effect in Baton Rouge; {on the day of the winter solstice|when the winter solstice hits}}. {But {we would|we’d} rather {concentrate|focus} on the {summer|summer months|summer days} ahead and leave thoughts of {cold|frigid|freezing|dark, cold} days for {later|another time}|But who wants to {dwell on|think about} {the cold|freezing weather|that|chilly weather}? {We would|We’d} rather {live|stay} in the moment with these {sunny|warm} summer {months|days}|But rather than {thinking|think} about that, we would {rather focus on|prefer to stay in} the warm, summer {days ahead|moments}}. {{Have fun|Stay safe|Have fun, stay safe,} and enjoy {all the|every bit of|every ounce of} daylight that you can|Have a {fun and safe|safe, fun|safe and fun|fun, safe} time as you {enjoy all of these fun summer activities|go out and enjoy the summer}|Be safe as {you’re|you are} having fun {this|enjoying the} summer}. {Happy summer, {all|everyone}|Have a {happy|wonderful|great} summer|Enjoy your summer|Happy summer}!