{Staying Home For Memorial Day?|Ready for Memorial Day Weekend?|Prepared for Memorial Day Holiday?} {Use These Safety|Check Out These|Take A Peek at the Following} Tips from Paul Davis

The {final|last} Monday of May is {days away|next week}, which is when we {honor|pay tribute to|commemorate} the {troops|soldiers|men and women} who served in the United States {military|armed forces} and gave their lives for {our freedom|this great nation}. On the one hand, Memorial Day is a commemorative {holiday|occasion} when we give {appreciation|thanks} for our {troops|military}, but it is also {a celebration of|an opportunity to celebrate} this country, the men and women currently serving, {and|as well as} a time to enjoy {the holiday|a day off work} with {family and friends|family/friends}.
{Most|Many} Memorial Day {events|celebrations} involve outdoor activities, {tasty|great|yummy} food and {warm|warmer} weather. While you’re {partaking in|enjoying} all that the holiday offers, {make sure to follow|remember} the {below|following} safety tips to keep {your loved ones|you and yours|your family} free from danger while {getting ready|preparing} for the {fun activities|festivities}.


• {Move|Place} the grill away from {the side|siding and overhangs} of the house
• {Inspect|Look at|Check} the gas hose to ensure no {leaks|breaks}
• Clean all {areas of|grease buildup from} the grill
• Keep a {non-expired|working} fire extinguisher {close-by|nearby}
• {Make sure an adult is supervising|Ask an adult to supervise} at all times

Fire Pit

• {Your fire pit should be located|Place the fire pit} a safe distance away from the house
• {Throw|Pour|Toss} sand on the fire to extinguish {the flames|it} completely
• {Do not dispose of coals until they have cooled completely|Coals should cool completely before disposing}

Air Conditioning

• Change filters {regularly|every couple of months}
• Check {outlets and wires|plugs and wiring} for electrical {problems|issues|malfunctions}
• Schedule A/C maintenance {annually|once a year}


• {Move|Place} flammable material away from the stove top (oven mitts, plastic, towels)
• {Enforce a “kid-free zone” in the kitchen|Keep children out of the kitchen}
• {Stay in|Do not leave} the kitchen while cooking

Garden Hose

• {Unless the label on your hose says|With the exception of a label on your hose that says} “drinking water safe,” {refrain from drinking|do not drink} from it
o {Most|Many} water hoses contain {harmful substance|toxic plastic}
• Before {using|use}, let the water run for a {short time|few seconds} to flush out any {lingering|sitting} {H2O|water}
• If you {require|need} {an updated|a new} hose, try a {rubber hose|natural hose made from rubber} that does not use harmful plastic


• {Check with|Contact} your local police {department|dept.} to make sure fireworks are legal in your {community|area}
• Do not let {kids|children} play with fireworks
o Even sparklers can {increase to|reach} 1800 degrees Fahrenheit! *kidshealth.org
• {Keep|Place} a bucket of water or hose nearby for {accidental situations|precautionary reasons}
• Point fireworks away from {buildings|homes} and {explosive|flammable} material
We hope these few {suggestions|tips} will help keep your {family|loved ones} safe during the 2015 Memorial Day weekend. {Always|Please} remember that if you experience any {damage to your property|property damage} to Call Paul! We’re available {round-the-clock|24/7} to assist with {property|building} destruction caused by fire, water, mold or {wind|storms}.
-Your friends at Paul Davis