Pope Francis’s Cap: Running Away with the Wind

Pope_Hat{While a confirmation ceremony was taking place in Rome|During a confirmation ceremony held in Rome} for 44 {kids|children} in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis’ zucchetto {cap|hat} {flew|blew} right off his head. Even {Pope Francis|the pope} can’t {hide from|avoid} strong {gusts|winds|wind gusts}!

{Strong|Gusty|Fierce} winds {are capable of bringing|can bring|often bring} {a significant|a major|an enormous|a large} amount of damage to a {business or home|home or business}, and property damage {that is caused|caused|created} by severe weather can be devastating to you and your family.

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{In those times when|When|During those times when} {storms and strong winds|strong winds and storms} do more than {just blow|blow|sweep|take} your hat off your head, call the {experts|professionals|trained experts|trained professionals} at Paul Davis!