Paul Davis & The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

{Over the {last|past} month, {it’s|it has} been impossible to {go to|visit} a news or social media website without seeing the latest {ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video|{addition|participant} in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge}|{We’ve|We have} all become captivated with {ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos|the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge} over the {last|past} month}. {It’s {very|quite|highly} entertaining to watch {someone|someone you know or a favorite celebrity|a friend, relative, or celebrity} {dump a bucket of ice water on their head|douse themselves with a bucket of ice water}, and the {joy|enjoyment} doubles when you {throw in|add} the amount of {good|goodwill} this challenge has {accomplished|done}|{It is|It’s} always {entertaining|enjoyable|fun} to {watch|see} someone dump {a bucket of ice water|water} on themselves, and the fact that {it’s|it is} for a good cause makes it even {sweeter|better}}.

{ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is commonly {called|referred to as} Lou Gehrig’s Disease|ALS, commonly called Lou Gehrig’s Disease, stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis}. {{What’s|What is} ALS? The {website for the ALS Association|ALS Assocation website} {describes it as|calls it} “|The {website for the ALS Assocation|ALS Association website} {states|says} that “ALS is |According to the ALS Association website, {it|ALS} is “}a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord”. {{This|The} disease {causes|leads to} the {deterioration|death} of motor neurons that {reduces muscles’ ability to function|limits the function of muscles} and can later {result in|lead to} paralysis. |}The Ice Bucket Challenge {is|began as} a {means for raising|way to raise} {money and awareness|awareness} for this disease. It {starts|begins} with a challenge {for a specific person|extended from one person to another} to either donate a {specific|certain|specified} amount to {charity that supports ALS|an ALS charity} or dump a bucket of {water and ice|ice water} {over|on} their head. After {making their decision|accepting the challenge}, the person then {{chooses|selects} a {handful|new group} of {friends|acquaintances|people} for the same challenge|challenges another {group|handful} of people to the same choice}.{ (The exact specifications of {each challenge may vary|the challenge vary from person to person} and many {donate and dump water on their heads|have chosen to donate and have ice water dumped on them}.)|}

{In a {just a few|matter of} weeks, the Ice Bucket Challenge {has been {quite|very} successful in {reaching its goals|achieving its objectives}|went from a total unknown to {successful|nationwide phenomenon}}|We probably don’t {have|need} to tell you that Ice Bucket Challenge videos have {been a success|become a sensation}|The Ice Bucket Challenge has been {very|extremely} successful in its mission}. {The ALS Association has {been given|received} over $100 million in donations from July 29 to August {29|29, compared to $2.8 million raised during the same time frame in 2013}|From July 29 to August 29, the ALS Association, which {is not|isn’t} the only charity that has received {donations from Ice Bucket Challenges|donations}, raised over $100 million in donations}.

{{The Paul Davis Restoration family|Paul Davis Restoration} has {joined|joined in with} millions of others in {accepting|taking part in} the Ice Bucket Challenge|Along with millions of others, {Paul Davis Restoration|the Paul Davis Restoration} has {accepted|taken|taken part in} this challenge}. {{Many|Several} {franchises across the country|franchises} have soaked their team {members|members in ice cold water} to raise {ALS awareness|awareness for ALS} in their local {communities|communities and nationwide}|There are {many|several} franchises across the {nation|country} have helped raise {ALS awareness|awareness for ALS} in their local communities {with|through} this challenge}.

So {as you {search|look around} for {worthwhile videos|Ice Bucket Challenge video}s in Baton Rouge {today|this afternoon}, keep an eye {peeled|out} for Paul Davis {contributions|franchises}|keep {your|an} eye out for Paul Davis Ice Bucket Challenge videos as you are {surfing|strolling|browsing} the Internet in Baton Rouge}.