National Home Improvement Month

{{A home improvement project|Home improvement} in Baton Rouge {doesn’t always equal a massive remodeling job|can mean more than remodeling}|{A home improvement project|Undertaking a home improvement project} doesn’t mean {that you|you} have to {remodel|overhaul} your entire {home|house} in Baton Rouge|{There is|There’s} more to Baton Rouge home improvement than massive {remodels|remodeling projects}}. {{What|How} about {those|making those} {fixes and repairs|repairs, fixes, and upgrades} {that you’ve|you’ve} been {meaning to get to for months|thinking about|procrastinating}?|{Think|Just think} about all the {little|small} {fixes and repairs|repairs and fixes} that you have been {putting off|neglecting|meaning to get to}.|You {probably|most likely} have a {bunch|ton} of {little|small} {repairs|repairs and fixes|fixes and repairs} that need to be {completed|attended to}.} {{Home maintenance will add to a structure’s|Keeping your home maintained can add to its} value and {add convenience to|improve} your {daily|day-to-day} life|There are many {great advantages|advantages} to {keeping up with your home maintenance|home maintenance}, {such as|including} adding {safety and convenience|convenience to your daily life} and {increasing your home’s value|improving the overall value of your home}|Amongst other things, home maintenance can {increase your home’s value and improve your daily life|improve your daily life and increase your home’s value}}. {{Your|For example, that} water-damaged siding could {result in|lead to} real problems if you don’t {fix it promptly|deal with it}. And that {leaking roof|roof leak}? You {could|might} be {confronted with|saying hello to} serious water damage {down the road|in the future}, not to mention mold and even structural problems|You also could be {confronting|facing} major problems {in the future|down the road} if you don’t deal with {small|simple} leaks and other structural problems {now|quickly|today}}.

{{Make sure|You should also make sure} your electrical system is up to {code|date}|Take a {few minutes|minute|moment} to see if your electrical system is up to {code|date}|One thing that you {monitor|should look at} is your {home’s electrical|electrical} system}. {Many older homes {don’t|simply don’t} have the {ability|capacity} to {keep up with|handle} the demands of {the modern household|today’s households}|{With {modern technology|TVs, computers, and cell phones}, today’s|Today’s} households are {using|consuming} {a ton of power|more power than ever before} and older homes {can’t keep|have a hard time keeping} up}. {{Investing in {a new|an upgraded} electrical panel|Upgrading an {old|outdated} electrical panel is {a purchase|an investment} that|Upgrading your electrical panel} will make life in Baton Rouge easier {(tired of tripped circuits, anyone?) and|and} may pay for itself in increased resale value|If {you’re|you are} tired of {unreliable outlets|tripped circuits}, {a new|an upgraded} electrical panel can make life in Baton Rouge much easier|{Adding|Installing} an upgrading electrical panel can make {your life|life} easier while increasing {your Baton Rouge home’s {resell value|value}|the {resell value|value} of your Baton Rouge home}}.

{Another improvement to {think about|consider for your home|work on} is {your|the} plumbing system|Your {plumbing|plumbing system} is another {place|area} where you should consider {doing repairs|making improvements}}. {{Ensure that your|Make sure} water pressure is {in|within} the proper range. (Check with {a plumber|your water department|your water department or plumber} for more {info|information}.)|{Talk to|Check with} your {water|local water} department or a trusted plumber to make sure your water pressure is the the {right|proper} range.} {{High|Excessively high} water pressure can {lead to damage with|eventually damage} {pipes, fixtures, and appliances|fixtures, pipes, and appliances}|{Appliances, pipes, and fixtures|Fixtures, pipes, and appliances} can all be damaged by {excessively high|high} water pressure|Not {fixing|addressing} a problem with high water pressure can lead to damaged {fixtures, appliances, and pipes|pipes, fixtures, and appliances|appliances, pipes, and fixtures}}. {If {your home has|you have} galvanized pipes, {there is|there’s} a {solid|good} chance {they are|they’re} corroded and seriously {crippling|stalling|impeding} water flow|You may also have a water flow {issue|problem} that can be {connected|linked} to {corroded pipes|galvanized pipes that are corroded}}. {{Try replacing them|Consider replacement} with {PEX or copper|copper or PEX} {pipes|piping}|These {need to be|should be} replaced with {copper or PEX|PEX or copper} {pipes|piping}|Replace {your|these} pipes with {PEX or copper|copper or PEX} piping}. {{Both of them have|Both have} their {ups and downs|benefits and disadvantages}, so be sure to {look into|research} your options {before your purchase|first}. |}{With repiping, {you will|you’ll} see {improvement in your|improved} water flow and a decreased {likelihood|possibility|chance} of {leaks|water leaks}|{A|Completing a} repiping project will {lower|decrease} the likelihood of leaks and improve {water|your water} flow|Repiping will improve {water|your water} flow and decrease {leaks|water leaks|the possibility of leaks}}.