If Niagara Falls is Frozen, What’s happening to the Pipes in your Home?

Niagara Falls Freezes Over{A super cold|An extremely cold|A wicked cold|A brutally cold} {gust|flash|blast} {put|had|locked} {the majority of|most of} the country in ice {this week|on Tuesday} – {only reminding|only to remind|just reminding} us all that while {our calendars|the calendar} may show spring is {only a couple of weeks away|just a few weeks away|only a few short weeks away|quickly approaching} – it {definitely|certainly|surely} {does not|doesn’t} feel {like that|that way}.

Most major {U.S. cities|cities|cities in the U.S.} have {struggled with|experienced|endured|battled} their {snowiest and coldest|coldest and snowiest} winters in decades, and for the {2nd|second} time this {season|winter}, Niagara Falls {has mostly frozen over|is mostly frozen}. And, {as you can|you can|as you might} imagine, if the {liquid|water} in this {gigantic|enormous|massive} waterfall has managed to freeze, the pipes in our homes are certainly {at risk|in danger|vulnerable}! No need to panic. The {experts|professionals} at your local {Paul Davis|Paul Davis office} are {ready|available|available 24/7} and in full-time rescue mode!

Should {that|the} groundhog insist on {torturing|tormenting|threatening} {all of us|us|us all} this {winter season|winter}, you {should probably|may want to|might want to} {consider contacting|contact|think about contacting} the Paul Davis {expert|professional|experts|professionals} in your {city|area}…sooner {rather than|than} later.