{Did You Know?|Wow!|Watch Your Fingers!} Sparklers Can {Reach Up To|Be As Hot As|Get As Hot As} 1800 Degrees!

{Watching fireworks is|Fireworks shows are} one of the best parts of {a 4th of July|a July 4th|an Independence Day} celebration, but thousands of people are {hurt|injured} each {July 4th|Independence Day|4th of July} due to firework burns. The {safest|best} thing you can do is to leave the {fireworks displays|pyrotechnics} to the {professionals|experts}. However, if you choose to set them off yourself, {check out|remember} the following {prior to|before} {reaching for|grabbing} the {igniter|lighter|matches}:
Fireworks Safety
• {Ask|Check with} your police {dept.|department} to {ensure|make sure} fireworks are legal in your {community|area}
• {Never|Do not} let {children|kids} play with fireworks
o Even sparklers can {reach temperatures of|get up to|reach} 1800 degrees and are the {leading|number one} cause of injuries {associated with|related to} fireworks
• {Leave|Keep} your pets inside and {out of reach of|away from} fireworks
• {Put|Place} a bucket of water, hose or {bottles of water|water bottles} {closeby|near|nearby}
• Avoid fireworks {completely|altogether} if it’s a windy day when sparks {drift|carry} a longer distance
• Use open areas to {ignite|set off} fireworks and point them away from homes, other {buildings|structures}, trees and flammable material

Burn Care

Unfortunately, {injuries|burns} {occur|happen} {each|every} year, so it’s {safer|better} to be prepared during your {July 4th|holiday|4th of July} than to be sorry afterwards. If you plan on {igniting|setting off} fireworks, {read|follow} these simple steps:
• Take a First-Aid Kit with you
• Pick up a {few bottles|case} of water for hydration{ and|, as well as} to clean and cool a burn
• If a burn {happens|occurs}:
o Cool the burned area with water for {one to two minutes|a minute or two}
o Cover the burn with a clean, sterile {cloth|dressing}
o {Never|Do not} use {adhesive|sticky} bandages that {stick|adhere} to the skin, making the burn {even more irritated|worse}
o If the burn is {bigger|larger} than {the size of a quarter|a quarter}, seek {a doctor’s aid|medical attention}
We hope these few {suggestions|tips} help you feel prepared before celebrating {Independence Day|4th of July|July 4th}. Please remember that if you experience any property damage {related to|caused by} water, fire, mold or storms, Call Paul! We’re available {round the clock|24/7} for all your restoration, reconstruction and remodeling needs.
Happy {July 4th|4th of July}!
-From your friends at Paul Davis